About Lara Fawzy


New York FT Press Author, Lara Fawzy has over a decade’s experience in B2b, international and digital marketing. She graduated from University of London, Royal Holloway, School of Management, with a Management BSc, specializing in marketing. Her degree was largely based on Harvard research; she studied management models and theories by leading management and marketing gurus such as Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, and Peter Drucker.

She has worked for Cisco Systems in various roles, including online customer relationship marketing for emerging markets (based in the UK). In this role, she worked closely with local marketing teams, sales teams, and agencies across emerging markets. She also created and executed online marketing campaigns using complex data segmentation and tracked and reported on campaigns through advanced customer relationship management tools.She’s worked as an Marketing Manager for Cisco’s African region (based in Cairo, Egypt).

Publication: Emerging Business Online Global Markets and the Power of B2b Internet Marketing:

B2b Digital Marketing

As a Marketing Operations Manager with Cisco in Cairo, she worked closely with the African and Gulf marketing teams, strengthening her experience and knowledge of emerging markets. Previously, Lara worked for O2, Telefonica, as a Campaign Manager, launching the high-profile Apple iPhone 3G in the UK business market and helping to redesign the company website.


2 thoughts on “About Lara Fawzy

  1. Very interesting book, not only for me, but also for my students worldwide, thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Prof. Dr. Ellen Hertzberg, thanks for your feedback, I’m really glad you have found it helpful, have you introduced this to a marketing module?

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